About Vista CERT

Vista CERT Team

Vista CERT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a two fold mission:

  • 1. To encourage the members of our community to develop and implement personal, family and workplace disaster preparedness plans.
  • 2. To provide the community properly equipped and appropriately trained civilian multi-functional disaster response teams ready to act as an adjunct to the city's emergency services in the event of a major disaster.
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Program Goals:

  • 1. Integrate Vista CERT's expanding capabilities into the local Emergency Management Plan.
  • 2. Provide community awareness of the Vista CERT organization and thereby substantially increase Vista CERT membership.
  • 3. Provide disaster preparedness awareness education to both individuals and organization in the community.
  • 4. Develop and implement specific recurring and advanced disaster response team training programs.
  • 5. Acquire equipment and supplies necessary to conduct ongoing training programs and to assure adequate disaster response capability.
  • 6. Extend the scope of the Vista CERT to include community youth groups.
  • 7. Assist community members with special needs to develop appropriate disaster preparedness plans.

Why was Vista CERT Formed?

Recognizing that if a disastrous event occurs that overwhelms or delays Vista's professional emergency responders, individuals, neighborhoods and businesses will be on their own for a period of time until additional professional assistance becomes available. CERT members can assist others by applying skills learned in the no cost training program provided by the Vista Fire Department. To be truly effective requires neighborhood and business CERT teams to have pre-positioned disaster response equipment and supplies, conduct recurring training for team members including participation in regional disaster simulation drills and to encourage advanced disaster response training.

Vista CERT was formed as a non profit organization to allow individuals and businesses to assist in this effort through tax deductible contributions. Donations of cash, supplies, and equipment are tax deductible. Please contact Frank Refuerzo if you would like to donate.

When and Where are CERT Meetings Held?

CERT meetings are held monthly. See this website's "Calendar" for dates and times. The meetings serve as additional training for CERT team members. Meetings are held at the Vista Civic Center Community Room.