Amateur Radio

The Vista CERT communications team "Net" is held each Thursday at 1900 hrs (7pm). Non licensed volunteers are invited to monitor or observe. For additional information, contact Frank (

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ham radioOne of the key functions that is needed during a major disaster is the ability to communicate. This would include communications between Vista CERT volunteers, and also with other CERT groups in surrounding communities. Licensed HAM radio operators have the ability to communicate with other HAM operators that can provide emergency services from any agency or organization wherever their radio will reach. Communications would allow conditions throughout the city to be reported to a central point and then priority dispatching of CERT members/equipment to locations based on need.

The leadership of Vista CERT believes that encouraging Vista CERT members to obtain their HAM radio license is a major step forward in preparing the Vista CERT organization for active participation when a major disaster strikes our community. To this end, Vista CERT will loan hand held radios to the first (6) of Vista CERT members who obtain their HAM radio license (reasonable conditions apply). The requirements to obtain your license are not difficult. All you need to do is put in a little time to learn about ham radios and the proper procedures for their use. There are exam centers in both Carlsbad and Escondido .

We hope that you will give serious consideration to this program If you have further questions regarding this program please contact Frank Refuerzo.

If you don't want to become a HAM radio operator, the other form of communication available is the FRS (Family Radio Service). FRS is a low power "line of sight" radio. They are best when used in close proximity to each other. They do not require an FCC license.

More Info on Family Radio Services (FRS)