Resources for Amateur Radio

Signal Reporting Using the Circuit Merit System


Phonetic Alphabet

Local Frequencies

Go-Kit Checklist

Getting the Most from Your Handheld Transceiver

Recommended Accessories for Your Handheld Radio

AC6V's Amateur Radio And DX Reference Guide

VHF FM Tranceiver VX-170 Operating Manual

TM-D710A Manual

FT-270R Operating Manual

Radio Communications Log


Local Amateur Radio Clubs

“Sandarc” San Diego Amateur Radio Club provides license exams almost weekly throughout the county.

“Parc”  Palomar amateur radio club can help individuals prepare for their license exam.

"ARRL"  Americcan Radio Relay League is the national association of amateur radio operators.

"AC6V"  Over six thousand links to everything you want to know about amateur radio.


Batteries & Power Info/Resources

Some Real World Battery Life Data, by Cactus Jim

Memory Effect

Maha Energy/POWEREX

Sanyo Eneloop Batteries

Reviving a dying laptop battery

Battery University

Verizon Wireless Workshops

POWEREX WizardOne Charger-Analyzer


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